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Razorblade K0005 


Max Capacity 250 Lbs

Main Frame ZK 55 and ZK 60 high grade A7000 series Aluminum

Main Frame Lifetime Warranty

Frame and Parts Colors

Refer to diagram for custom colored parts


Frame Measurements

Refer to the diagram for assistance with each specific measurement

Seat Depth Type
Only Choose one


Positioning frame seat depth                                                 Ergo seat depth

Positioning Frame Seat Depth - OPTIONAL
optional measrement in inches
optional measrement in inches, must be 4" greater than center of gravity, STD is 5in

Foot Rests



Footrest Width
Standard Taper is 5in less than seat width. Foot rests with no taper are 2in less than the seat width
Indicate the custom length of your foot plate
Indicate the width of your custom foot plate
Foot Plate Style
Indicate the custom length of your foot plate
Indicate the width of your custom tubular foot plate

Frame Angle

Frame Angle
To the ground

Back Rest Height, Angle & Type

Degrees to the ground -- STD 90
Back Rest Type

Custom Backrest Options

Ie Double rigidizer bars, custom back height/depth

Front Seat Height

Front of Seat height as it relates to caster size

Rear Seat Height

Rear seat heights / Relative to rear tire sizes

Center of Gravity

Camber Angle

Camber Angle
Measured in Degrees

Front of Seat Height to Front of Footrest

Not available w/ 19in to 21in seat height

Inside Wheel Clearence

.75in wheel clearance not avail w/ 2 degree camber unless Y-360 wheels. .75in wheel clearance not avail with DLock brakes or armrests

Total Section B

Razorblade Measurement Customization Notes

The Razorblade is a custom wheelchair.  If you'd like further customization, please enter your requests here.  Colours will determine if the customization is possible while maintaining the safety and integrity of the wheelchair.  If the customization request can be accomplished, the ensuing quote will reflect any changes.  Thank You


Standard Spoke Wheel

Standard Mag Wheel


Spinergy 18 Spokes

Spinergy LX Spox 12 Spokes


Not available with short tabs, Y-360 Billet Wheels, Pro wheels, X-Core wheels & Pro wheels
Not available with short tabs, Y-360 Billet Wheels, Pro wheels, X-Core wheels & Pro wheels

Handrim Specs

  • Standard and vinyl coated handrims not available with pro wheels.
  • Natural Fit & Natural Fit LT rims with grip not available with Y-360 Billet,Topolino, X-Core and Pro wheels.
  • Natural Fit & Natural Fit LT rims without grip are not available with Y-360 Billet & X-Core Wheels.
  • The Surge and Surge LT handrims are not available with the Y-360 Billet Wheels.  There is a $30 installation fee on X-Core Wheels.
  • Projections handrims are not available with Y-360 Billet,Topolino, X-Core and Pro wheels.

Handrim Tab specs

  • .75in Tab length not available with X-Core Wheels
  • .5in Tab length not available with Ultra Grip or Natural fit handrims with super grip
  • Shortest tab not available with Y-360, X-core and pro wheels


STD High Pressure Tire Size
Low Pressure Tire Size
Solid Tire Size
Solid Tire Color

Wheels, Handrims and Tires Total

Front Casters

Front Caster Size
3in Front Wheels
4in Front Wheels
5in Front Wheels


Fork Types
Aluminum Fork Options
Frog Leg Color A
Frog Leg Color B

Caster and Fork Total

After Market Parts


D Locks aren't available w/ X-Core, Topolino & Magic wheels

Push Handles

Push Handles?
If you select push handles you must select back rest locking mechanism

Arm Rests

Arm Rests
Arm Rests Height from Seat Sling

Side Guards

Black ABS - Removeable
Black ABS Size?
Rigid Aluminum - Removable?
Rigid Aluminum - Size?
Rigid Aluminum - Color
PRO-TEX Fender - Install?

Seat Cushion

See more choices in Section: "Custom Seat Cushions"

Foam Cushion - Thickness

Anti Tippers

Anti Tippers
Anodized Black w/ Quick Release


Miscellaneous Items
Spoke Protector Size?

Wheelchair Tray

Tray Color

After Market Parts Total


Thank you for working with Colours Wheelchairs. Please review the grand total retail price of your chair. Upon submission, a representative will be with you within 24 hours to confirm your order. Should you have any questions, do't hesitate to contact us at

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